Sally Papallo

     "After about a year of searching the internet and newspaper by myself, and finding nothing

that suited, I finally dicided I needed help. With a tight budget and very specific ideas, I wasn't

exactly the easiest client. But Britta took the time to understand me and my needs! Within

about six weeks of signing with her, we found my house. My offer was accepted!

Being a first time buyer, I have to admit, I was very green about the whole process. But Britta

guided me through everything: from the offer, to inspections, to the closing.

Britta is professional and dedicated. If I ever go through this again, She will be the first

call I make!"

Carolyn S.

   My daughter and son in law were having a hard time finding a little house to rent.

They had a Baby on the way and were a bit in a rush. My friend had recommended Britta

as an Agent and I passed her name on to the kids. Within 10 days they were moved in.

They have a nice place and are very happy. Britta's service was outstanding. She tuned

right into a very young familys needs and got the job done quickly and painlessly.

I will pass her business card on to everyone.

Britta Pedersen
Phone: 203-240-2509
Mobile: 203-240-2509
Fax: 203-413-5709